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Business Online Banking Terms and Conditions Agreement


Last Updated 11/9/2018


This Agreement describes your rights and obligations as a user of the Business Online Banking Service.  It also describes the rights and obligations of Westfield Bank.  Please read this Agreement carefully.  As an authorized account holder, you must abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and those provided to you at account opening. 


As used herein, "Bank" refers to Westfield Bank and "Customer," “you” or “your” means a person receiving authorization to use the personal computer (PC) and Password as an accepted access device which permits the use of the same to initiate funds transfer transactions through a PC.


These rules and regulations supplement all other agreements between Customer and Bank, and rules and regulations with respect thereto, which may govern the Customer's accounts with the Bank.


In order to process this application, it must be submitted by an authorized signer on the business account(s).  The Bank will provide instructions on how to use the Online Banking Service.  Customer will gain access to your online accounts through the use of your User ID and Password. 



You may only designate one Main Administrator at any one time and you are solely responsible for designating the Main Administrator.  The Customer understands that the Main Administrator has their own unique Sign-on ID and Password.  The Main Administrator is responsible for maintaining the addition or deletion or any users of the Online Banking Service.  The Main Administrator is responsible for deactivating users whenever the user leaves the employ of the Company or you otherwise revoke their authority. 



The following services are available within the Online Banking Service:

  • Balance inquiry

  • Transfer of funds between accounts

  • Stop payment initiation

  • Check copy request

  • Access to various reports

  • Bill Payment

    • Please refer to the separate Bill Payment service agreement


The following services are available within the Online Banking Service under a separate Online Cash Manager agreement:

  • ACH Transfer Manager

  • Wire Transfer Manager

  • Positive Pay Service 



You may access your Online Banking 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  However, availability of the services may be interrupted for brief periods of time for purposes of maintenance, updating and revising the software.



The Main Administrator can establish additional users (“subusers”) to allow access to the Online Banking Service.  The subusers are responsible for the confidentiality and use of their Sign-on ID and password as established by the Main Administrator.  The subusers are responsible for protecting the passwords from unauthorized use.



By use of PC and Password, Customer(s) agree to abide by the following rules and regulations:


1. The Bank has the right to revoke this agreement at any time or without cause or with or without notice. The closeout of an account, identified below, immediately terminates the funds transfer service associated with that account.


2. The Bank is hereby authorized to debit or credit the accounts linked within Online Banking which now stand in the name of Customer and which shall be maintained with sufficient available balances to cover all withdrawals according to transactions selected by Customer through the use of PC. Overdrafts will only be permitted with an existing agreement with the Bank to cover overdrafts with a Line of Credit Agreement.


3. Bank herewith has provided to Customer all required documentation disclosing rules and regulations as outlined by the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or Federal Law when applicable.


4. Customer shall establish their Password the first time they log in to Online Banking. Customer shall at all times, (a) safely keep the Password and not permit any other person to use it, (b) not disclose the Password or otherwise make it available to any persons, (c) use the Password as instructed and for purposes authorized by the Bank and not permit any unauthorized use thereof not withstanding any other provisions of these rules and regulations or others disclosed to Customer. If at any time Customer believes their Password has been compromised, Customer shall change it as soon as possible. If Customer forgets his/her Password, Customer shall notify the Bank immediately and request the Password be re-established.


5. Customer is responsible for all transfers it authorizes.  If you permit other individuals to use or access the Customer accounts, the Customer is responsible for any transactions that may occur.


6. The Bank is responsible for completing fund transfers according to your entered and transmitted instructions.  However, the Bank will not be liable if you do not have available funds in your account to complete the transfer.



Upon default by Customer in the performance of the obligations contained in this agreement or any other obligations to the Bank or in the event of death, assignment for the benefit of creditors or the commencement by or against Customer of bankruptcy proceedings, the Bank may immediately terminate this Agreement and all sums withdrawn by Customer hereunder shall be deducted from the accounts or if said accounts are insufficient, then from any accounts, deposits or property of Customer in the hands of the Bank.



Customer may terminate this Agreement by submitting a request in writing to the Bank.

Accounts that have not been accessed for a six-month period will be considered inactive and the Customer will have to reapply to continue use.



The Bank may modify the terms and conditions from time to time upon delivering a revised notice to you through the Online Banking Service.  Your agreement of the revised Terms and Conditions Agreement constitutes acceptance.



This Agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with federal law and regulation, and to the extent no such applicable federal law or regulation exists, by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 



By clicking the “Agree” button below, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions with the understanding that they may be amended from time to time.  Please print this page for future reference.